Valerie Fenwick and Vic Harrup

The Prior’s Tale
Good priors and scandalous ones ran Butley Priory for 367 years.

Continuity and Change
The last Prior and the Priory staff. What happened to the Priory silverware?

The Forths, Winthrops and America
A clothier buys the ex-Priory and its lands. His son builds a mansion there.

The Fateful Marriage
Disaster follows the secret love of a Protestant boy and Catholic girl.

Excess of Wives and Daughters
The Forth family ruined by wardship and the cost of providing for widows and daughters.

The Wily Lawyer
The last Forth marries Walter Devereux. Their eldest daughter elopes and is disinherited.

Sport for the Master
A Rendlesham heiress marries a duke. The Priory Gatehouse becomes a shooting lodge.

The Surveyor’s Tale
Men who recorded the transformation of a landscape. Great havoc in Staverton Park.

Tales from the Courtroom
Old records reveal village greens. The ‘lost’ Domesday manor of Carleton is identified.

Orford’s Turbulent Bailiff
Violence erupts over fishing and shackage; fish stocks decline; effect of sea-level rises.

Two Widows Wronged
Richard Wingfield dispossesses one widow and cheats another of her grandson’s inheritance.

The Great Oyster, the Ferrywoman and the Landlady’s Tale
The origins of Butley’s oysters and the history of its inn. Murder in Thicks Cottage?

Trade and Extraction: the Coprolite Rush
Export of rare white clay and other minerals. Village craftsmen and traders.

Farmers of the Manor
Farmers of Priory land after 1538. The role of the heavy horse. Catlin and Crisp’s success.

Mrs Youngman and other tenant farmers
Tudor farmers and decline of sheep-farming. Conditions imposed on farming leases.

Pastimes for the Men
Camping’ and steel quoits. Tug o’ War and tennis for the women. Singing in pub and school.

The Harvest… a Quarter less than Needed
Vulnerability of the poor. ‘A notorious bastard-getter’. Unrest in 1381 and Lock-out in1874.

Baptism in the Pond, Marriage in the Porch, Burial in the Orchard
Butley church and parsons. Tunstall Quakers persecuted. Sudbourne Baptists and the Larges.

Story from the Gravestone
A pressed Boyton man witnessed the horrors of battle. His youthful escape from drowning.

Smuggling and the Wrong Side of the Law
Smugglers from Sandlings villages. Excisemen. New evidence supports the Catchpole story.